Family Values – Global Reach

Frick Capital is an independent global wealth management firm.


Our dedication is to preserve our families and clients capital through our portfolio management expertise with the aim of wealth appreciation.  Maintaining the purchasing power is paramount and we deliver that in our risk-adjusted global portfolios in line with our private and institutional clients needs.

Our company is guided by very strong principles, such as knowledge, honesty and service. These values and skills are the guiding philosophy of the associates and principals of Frick Capital and as we provide solutions within that context, clients sometimes refer to us as their personal CFO as we look at every situation as if the clients assets and challenges were our own.  We are highly appreciated in this role of financial service provider and hence we consider ourselves Architect’s of value.

Our managing and investing experts, protect and grow clients’ wealth as if it was our own since we also manage our own assets the same way. Lancelot Frick, founder of Frick Capital, is President of this family firm, which is built upon a notable heritage, and recognised as an exceptional provider of refined investment services.

Independent Perspective – Dynamic Approach

As Architects of Value, everything Frick Capital does is dedicated to not only wealth preservation but to deliver consistent, expected risk-adjusted returns over the long term.


Our services are based on the three fundamental pillars of Selection, Construction and Monitoring which define our investment approach and ensure a meticulously designed and planned portfolio for each valued client.

During Selection, Frick Capital tracks from a fundamental bottom up process hundreds of securities across dozens of sectors and and asset classes.  We continuously researches, independently evaluates and track such investment opportunities.

Then begins the Construction of a tailor made portfolio reflecting the individual selection of positions that meets the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerances. Performance is further delivered during the Monitoring stage, where we exercise our dynamic, proactive approach of risk management and adjustment to changing conditions. The monitoring is the ongoing process of portfolio management.

Resonant Heritage – Progressive Insight

Frick Capital is built upon a strong foundation of understanding the global capital markets combined with a fine heritage of successful wealth management. 


Founded by Lancelot Frick in New York in 1999, Frick Capital is merely the continuation of a long legacy of private bankers that the family has reaching back to the middle of the 18th century.  Today at Frick Capital we continue this generational culture of money management which benefits from the individual perspectives of the present and the past generations of financial knowledge that we cary forward.

Lancelot Frick’s paternal Great-Great Grandfather’s uncle was Alfred Escher, founder of Credit Suisse; whilst his mothers Grandfather, Rudolf Ernst was the founder of UBS, the new name given to the bank in 1912 of the different banks that he successfully ran since the late 1890.  Dr. Ernst was the leading figure in the industrialisation of Switzerland, inventing a pension plan for UBS retirees in the late 1950ies when pension plans were not mandatory yet.  He realised early on that Switzerland was poor on natural resources and therefore opened UBS offices overseas to source such resources that the country needed for its industrial development.  He was very much appreciated as a valuable board member with great vision and excellent corporate governance of the following companies.

Munich-Re, Sulzer, National Insurance, Maag, Locher, Brown Boveri (ABB), Georg Fischer, Swiss Lokomotiv- und Maschienenfabrik, Motor-Columbus, Hypothekarbank Wintherthur, Union-Re, Siber & Wehrli and many other leading Swiss companies that contributed to the industrialsation of Switzerland, it is needless to say that he did all that while guiding as CEO and Chairman UBS through uncharted waters such as revolutions, world wars, the great depression etc.  In 1944 he became non executive Chairman and remained honorary Chariman until his death in 1956.  He was a leading entrepreneur that prepared our country for the future and the present state of the economy.

Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Frick, Lancelot’s late father, an eminent Wall Street professional returned to Switzerland to run the newly started Zurmont Bank in 1956 which became the Guyerzeller Zurmont Bank and is now part of HSBC.  Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Frick was also Chrairman of EFG and served for many years on Frick Capital’s advisory board until his death in 2011.

The firm is carrying forward its heritage and is continuously building on its unique background of forward-thinking experts.


Fund Due Diligence

The biggest hedge fund fraud in history was committed by Bernie Madoff for an amount of 65 billion USD. Frick Capital carried out due diligence in early 2000 and declared him a fraud. Bernie Madoff  was arrested in December 2008.

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